Women’s interest in rhinoplasty in Iran

The high number of rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran has made Iranian surgeons skilled in this field and has opened the door for foreign applicants to Iran.

The high number of rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran has made this country one of the first countries in the world in the field of rhinoplasty and has the first rank of rhinoplasty in relation to the population.

Performing various cosmetic surgeries has made Iranian surgeons have a special skill in shaping the nose at the request of the applicant.

Also, the low cost of surgery compared to outside Iran has caused the number of people who refer to cosmetic surgery from abroad to increase.

One of the famous doctors in Tehran is the office of choice of expatriates. Mona is 33 years old and studied in Europe. He has traveled to Iran to have cosmetic surgery on his nose.

“It happened many times that I felt in my photos that my nose was not at a good angle,”

My friends have said many times, although I am still hesitant whether this is right or not, but I think it is better to leave my nose in the hands of a surgeon.

I tell Mona that rhinoplasty is not common in Europe, aren’t you worried that your European friends will have a strange reaction?

she replies:

They may be surprised, but I have made my decision anyway.

The reason for my trip to Iran is the expertise of Iranian doctors and the low cost of surgery compared to European countries.

rhinoplasty in Iran

Kiana is a 19-year-old Iranian-American girl who barely speaks Persian and it is clear from the patches on her nose that she has just had her surgery.

“American doctors perform 2 to 3 surgeries a month, and in the end they can not create the desired shape, but my doctor in Iran has 6 to 7 surgeries a day,”.

I am satisfied with the result of the action. Another friend and I came to Iran to have cosmetic surgery. Surgery is cheaper and we paid less than $ 2,000.

I also ask her if she is worried about the reaction of his American friends. In response, she said:

“It is true that cosmetic surgery is not common there compared to Iran, but the important thing is that I am happy.”

Cosmetic surgery makes me happy and I do not care what others think. As if my friends, when they saw that I had made this choice, said do something that makes me happy.

“He has performed 5,000 rhinoplasties in about 11 years,” said an ENT doctor who is a member of the European Society of Plastic Surgeons.

On average, it has about 7 to 8 applicants per month from outside Iran.

He clarified about the great desire of Iranians, especially women, for rhinoplasty: In Iranian culture, facial beauty is more important than fitness.

For this reason, the tendency to surgeries that increase the beauty of the face is very high. The most popular of these surgeries is rhinoplasty.

He also said about why rhinoplasty applicants travel to this country from outside Iran:

“It seems that this issue has two main reasons, one is the skill of Iranian surgeons and the second is that the price of surgery is lower than abroad.”

A member of the board of directors of the Association of Plastic Surgeons has said that in terms of cosmetic surgeries, Iran ranks first in the world in terms of population.

Iran still has the largest number of cosmetic surgeries in the world, which includes various cases.

In Iran, rhinoplasty has the highest number of cosmetic surgeries, but other surgeries may be at the forefront in other countries.

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