Infertility Treatment in Iran

Many couples from European and neighboring countries travel to Iran to treat infertility and use the medical services of specialists.

Although one of the reasons for the presence of these patients in Iran is the lower cost of infertility treatment than many countries, but the use of advanced equipment, the presence of skilled professionals and the chance of success in developed countries are the most important factors in the desire of these infertile couples in Iran.

Another medical service for infertility treatment is the use of embryo and egg donation, and there is a great demand from other countries for the use of alternative therapies at the Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center.

Not only is Iran not lagging behind other developed countries in the field of infertility treatment, but it is also in a good position, and Iranian doctors use up-to-date knowledge in this field, in other words, they are moving on the edge of science.

The success rate of infertility treatment in Iran is on par with developed countries

The success rate of infertility treatment in developed countries is about 40% and Iran is at the same level, in other words, Iran is moving along with developed countries in this field.

People who do not succeed in having children this way should use alternative therapies such as egg and embryo donation and surrogate uterus.

Couples who did not hope to have children with infertility treatment can use alternative therapies to solve their problem and have children.

Infertility treatment is no longer a taboo, but infertile couples should face this issue and consider themselves like other patients and seek treatment.

The science of embryology is developing in Iran, and despite the launch of the field of reproductive biology in Iran, the science of embryology has become specialized, which I hope will provide a better work environment for young embryologists.

Due to the prevalence of corona, webinars in this field are held to exchange knowledge between Iranian embryologists and other experts in this field.

In Ibn Sina Research Institute, as one of the infertility treatment centers in Iran, measures have been taken in this field and the researchers of this complex, in collaboration with Swiss experts, have held a webinar in this field.

The infertility rate in Iran is higher than the global average

Reproduction The average infertility rate in the world is about 15%, which is estimated at about 20% in Iran, which indicates that the infertility rate in Iran is higher than the global average.

Lifestyle and increasing the age of marriage are the most important factors in increasing the infertility rate in Iran. These factors have caused Iran’s infertility rate to be 5% higher than the global average.

Infertility treatment in Iran is much cheaper than in other countries in the region.

The younger the infertile couple, the more likely they are to have a problem. Couples who get married at an older age (over 35) are advised to go to a health center to solve their problems.

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