Sludge therapy in IRAN

With an overview of Iran and the countries of the world in terms of the use of God-given blessings, we find that sludge therapy and medicine, which has received much attention in the advanced and scientific world today, in our country – which is one of the main sources of this type of treatment It can be, it faces a lot of misery and this opportunity is not used to earn income for the country.

In this regard, Dr. Fariba Bashiri, physician and university lecturer and member of the board of directors of the Iranian Biotechnology Association, who has done many studies in the field of sludge and therapeutic properties of sludge, told “Bamd” reporter: This divine gift has been considered by physicians and has been used traditionally. In our traditional and historical medicine, this healing property of sludge and salt in improving and treating people’s diseases has been mentioned a lot, which of course has been realized experimentally.

The researcher added: “Sludge therapy has been considered in the world for many years, but in recent years, it has been scientifically discussed and studied by experts and researchers, and modern treatment protocols have been developed.”

About his research in this scientific field, he said: “Two and a half years ago, I started a comprehensive research on sludge and medical sludges, and I also visited and studied research centers abroad.”

Regarding his observations in visiting a number of 220 sludge treatment clinics in Germany, he added: “In these clinics, this medical property of sludge is used in the treatment of skin diseases, and according to experts and researchers, most insurance companies acknowledge the healing properties of sludge.” They also accept the treatment and pay for the treatment.

Referring to the use of medical sludge in the world, he said: “In foreign countries, the medical sludge and medical salt of the” Dead Sea “lake in Jordan are widely used; These include the provision of health and beauty products as well as the construction of medical clinics.

Regarding the sludge and medical salt of Lake Urmia, Dr. Bashiri added: “By testing the sludge and medical salt of Lake Urmia and comparing it with the products of Lake Bahramalit, we have come to the conclusion that the medical and therapeutic properties of sludge and salt of Lake Urmia in Iran are very It is similar to the sludge and salt properties of the Jordan Sea, which is widely used by foreign countries, especially France, Britain and Germany, but unfortunately this capacity of Iran is not used much.

This member of the board of directors of the Iranian Biotechnology Association continued: “Inside the country, not enough attention has been paid to this capacity of Iran and so far, despite the emphasis of officials, including ministers and ministers of the eighth and ninth governments, still with all scientific and medical properties and capacity.” The country is dealt with and it should be said that our country’s management has commented on routine discussions and there is no risk-taking spirit in the country’s management. For this reason, despite four years of continuous follow-up, I have not yet been able to bring home this scientific and research topic that can have very positive results for the country.

A member of the faculty of the 6th Biotechnology Conference, said about the capacity of this science in Iran: “By building a field and a research center and establishing a sludge treatment clinic, training and dealing with this science in such a center, it can be useful for the country in terms of attracting medical tourism.” Let’s be.

Regarding research in the field of sludge, he said: “Due to the need to establish a sludge therapy clinic to conduct research in this case and the cost of the project, there is a need for serious cooperation of officials materially and spiritually and amending restrictive laws.” In addition, given that clinics and medical centers in other parts of the world supply sludge and salt from Jordan at very high prices, we can also take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to expand exports.

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