Iran Health and Medical Tourism Attractions

The category of health tourism goes beyond medical tourism, so that hot and mineral waters and sludge therapy along with natural facilities also includes the category of health tourism, and Iran has many health tourism attractions.

The global motto of health tourism is facilities and services at the level of first or advanced world countries and prices and costs at the level of developing and third world countries.


Perhaps the most important advantage of Iran in medical tourism is the cheapness of services compared to other countries, especially European countries and the United States.

Currently, India is a leader in providing the cheapest services, which with the entry of Iran into medical tourism and due to the better facilities and culture of Iranians and of course much more health tourist attractions, has the ability to attract more tourists than India.


Another important attraction of Iran is hydrotherapy, which is very important in health tourism.

According to statistics, about 45 million tourists in the world use hydrotherapy for their treatment, and Iran, with more than a thousand known mineral water springs, has the ability to attract a high share in this area.

Sludge therapy

Sludge therapy has a good position in health tourism and Iran, with its suitable facilities such as the shores of Lake Urmia or the slopes of Taftan Mountain, is ready to be a tourist attraction in this field as well.

Salt therapy

One of the attractions that has recently attracted the attention of international tourists is cave therapy and salt therapy. With several salt domes, Iran can become one of the centers of medical tourism in this regard.

Traditional medicine

Another attraction that has been considered in the country in recent times and even its academic disciplines are attracting students is traditional Iranian medicine.

According to medical historian Sisil Algood, Iranian medicine existed before Greek medicine, and the Iranians taught the Greeks the principles of what they call Greek medicine.

In terms of nature and climate, Iran has the ability to lead. Iranian convalescent homes in Deilman (Gilan), Javaherdeh (Mazandaran) or Shandiz (Khorasan Razavi) are world famous.

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